Therap Regional Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

Join our upcoming Regional Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 21-22, 2019. The conference is going to be a two days event of sessions by Hawaii Therap experts and a chance to network with your counterparts from across the state.

The event will be a good place to learn about recent developments in the Therap system, as well as individual support documentation and reporting, electronic health records (EHR) and training management from the technology leader in the developmental disabilities field. The training intensive event will include beginner, intermediate, and advanced level sessions conducted by Therap experts on various Therap modules.

* This event is only for Therap customers or prospective customers and other approved or invited guests.

Discussion includes:

  • Billing Electronically through Conduent
  • EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) – making it work in Hawaii
  • Better Goal and Outcome Tracking
  • Better Behavior Data
  • Organizational and Program Performance Tracking
  • Data Security and Protection
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Health Tracking and Medication Management
  • Working smarter

Tentative Presenters:

Kevin Dierks is the Regional Director of Pacific Rim. He has been working in supporting people with developmental disabilities and the communities and systems since 1990. His experience has taken him from the front lines of program delivery to program management and systems change. He has been involved in National, Federal, State and community level public research and initiatives involving public health, disability, technology, and human services.

Dawn Gilder is a Billing Specialist at Therap. Prior to joining Therap, Dawn worked for more than seven years in Nevada, providing administrative and computer support to an agency. She was responsible for the training and implementation of Therap for all departments of the organization with T Logs, eMAR, and Billing.

Jody Traina is a Senior Training and Implementation Specialist at Therap. He began working in the field of supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from 1999. Jody was also a coordinator for a supported living program at The Arc of King County in Seattle.

Seanette Smith is a Senior Training and Implementation Specialist at Therap. Prior to joining Therap, she has worked in the Developmental Disability Program in the state of Oregon as a Personal Service Worker (PSW) Liaison/QED. Seanette has over 10 years of experience as a Billing Specialist.

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