User Group Meeting for Users in California

User group meeting for users in California is coming to an area near you soon! The user group meeting is scheduled to be hosted at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Diego – Mission Valley on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM (PST). There is no cost associated with this meeting. The user group will be hosted and conducted onsite at the DSN Annual Meeting in San Diego. 

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Know the hosts:

Stan Higgins joined Therap in 2018 as a Business Development Consultant. He has worked in the Developmental Disability field since 1998. Stan served as the Executive Director of an agency in Sonoma County, CA which provided Supported Living, Independent Living, Day Program, Transportation, Residential, Job Placement and Recreation services for adults.

Brent Hessee joined Therap in 2011. He began working in the field as a Direct Support Professional and has worked in multiple facets of an organization for 10 years. Brent began his career at Therap as a Training and Implementation Specialist. He has trained over 15,000 people on how to effectively implement Therap at their organization and has witnessed the positive effect that Therap can have in the transformation of an agency. 

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Regional Conference in Washington, October 11, 2018

Therap will be hosting a regional conference in Seattle, Washington from October 11, 2018. The conference is going to be a day full of sessions by Therap experts and will offer a chance to network with counterparts from across the State of Washington.

Therap has been supporting community service provider agencies and vendors in the State of Washington since 2007, and currently thousands of individuals with disabilities in Washington are being supported by agencies that use Therap’s Electronic Documentation and Communication tools. We look forward to discussing with you items from the latest Therap update, scheduling module, EVV Documentation and state specific modules. We’ll introduce you to additions to our latest Business Intelligence dashboards for billing and health tracking. Therap is also used in Washington State SLA.

Visit our Washington conference page to learn more.

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Invitation for Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon, October 9, 2018

You are welcome to join our regional conference in Portland, Oregon on October 9, 2018. Join us to learn about the latest Therap updates, new Business Intelligence dashboards and see how you can implement Therap’s new EVV module to meet emerging Federal requirements.

Therap introduces additional tools to support Oregon specific employment and community Services. For providers in Oregon, Therap has introduced state specific assessment requirements in line with the Oregon Department of Human Services. Therap supports state specific initiatives that are focused increasingly on community-based supports, less intensive support models, and individual’s achieving gainful employment.

Oregon intellectual and developmental disability providers currently use Therap’s Community Employment module to track a range of related supports and documentation. With Therap’s Job Bank-Employer Database, Employment Support staff have the necessary tools to maintain an accurate history of the individual’s work experience and job details. Administrative staff ware able to create, update or delete employers, contact persons and job templates, viewable by support staff with assigned privileges. This ensures that staff are accessing accurate information on a consistent basis, from the point of service.

Visit our Oregon state page to learn more.

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Therap’s regional conference in Anaheim, California is in 2 weeks! Have you booked your seat yet?!

Here are five great reasons to register, today:

  • Attend this one-day event and still walk away with a wealth of knowledge
  • Learn how to maximize use of Therap’s tools and recent system developments
  • Connect with others in the Therap-California User Community
  • Share best practices
  • Enjoy a great lunch, along with five very informative session tracks!

Therap’s system is robust, I/DD providers receive many options that go beyond simply providing a software solution. Therap takes it a step further by offering expertise plus a very flexible out-of-the-box-ready documentation system that is delivered with State-specific requirements.

Therap’s HIPAA compliant software applications offer an oversight account for multi-state providers allowing them to manage data from the program level up to aggregating data across all programs and states supported. This gives organizations a tool for producing data driven outcomes, quality assurance, health and service documentation with electronic Medicaid and Third Party Billing. Therap, a software-as-a service (SaaS) solution, is a certified EHR for meaningful use.

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Regular registration is $129, and ends on Sep 8, 2018 (non-refundable).
Late registration is $149, and starts on Sep 8, 2018 (refundable).

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Therap’s Team West

2015 promises to be a busy and productive time for Team West.  If you live and work in any of these States you are lucky enough to be under the Therap care of Team West.


American Samoa









Northern Marianas





(In alphabetical order because we love them all equally)

Specifically dedicated to your organizations success and thriving in 2015 are:

Brent Hessee

Deborah Brito

Heather Thornton

Kevin Dierks

Kitti Gutierrez

Joseph Traina

Joshua Corzantes

(Also in alphabetical order because we love them all equally)

Let us know how we can support you to achieve your organizational goals for 2015, from going paperless, to improving quality of services, to faster outcomes, increased information, better communication, ease of compliance, audit protection, and more of your mission.  We are much more than just electronic documentation!  It’s all we love to do!