Therap’s Scheduling/EVV in Hawaii

Great news for users in Hawaii! Therap Services has organized an upcoming webinar on “Therap’s Scheduling/EVV” for the provider agencies in the state. The session has been scheduled for 12th of August, 2020 at 12:00 PM (HST). Experts from our Therap services team, Kevin Dierks and Jody Traina will walk you through this online session exclusively arranged for users in Hawaii.

The Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module is structured to meet the needs of states and providers who need to build staff schedules (especially for in-home and community based services), track staff hours, monitor individual service allocation and meet the upcoming Federal EVV requirements. We have designed our modules to help providers like you operate more efficiently, focus on your customers and mission, as well as make sure you are compliant with the requirements of Hawaii. Therap will most likely be the first certified EVV system used in Hawaii. Particularly for PCA Agencies, HHA Agencies, and IDD Agencies providing Personal Assistance Level I & I, Attendant Care, Respite, Nursing, PT, OT, ST, PAB, Chore and PDN. Join the webinar to  see why providers are choosing to use Therap’s Scheduling/EVV total solution rather than the “free” system still in development by MQD.

Register today to learn more about Therap’s Scheduling/EVV in Hawaii!

Utah User Group

Great news for Therap users of Utah! Therap has organized an upcoming “Utah User Group”, specially oriented for the agencies of the state that use Therap’s suite of applications. The user group has been scheduled for June 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM (MDT).

Know the Presenters

This exciting event will be hosted by Therap experts, 

  • Calvin Christensen
  • Kevin Dierks
  • Sarah Christiansen
  • Seanette Lancaster and
  • Robin Forbes

Therap has been organizing user groups to bring users from agencies in the same area virtually who meet to troubleshoot, network, discuss state and regional issues, and clarify and learn about the latest Therap releases. This event has been arranged to discuss on the following contents,

  • Introductions
  • Questions / Discussion by Providers
  • Scheduling/EVV in your state
  • New IDF
  • Mobile SComm
  • Charting the Life Course
  • COVID-19
  • Questionnaire
  • ISP Programs

Click here to register for the user group.

Visit Therap’s Utah state page to know more about us.

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