Our Mission is the Same as Yours!

Here at Therap we work towards the same goal as you, to help people with disabilities live meaningful lives of purpose connected with their community. We do this from our unique position and from the perspective that so much time is wasted and stolen away from people needing support by traditional documentation processes, or by systems that don’t understand the nature of your work.

Sure you can explain what Person Centered planning is about but how do you weave it into your documentation services and processes. Our team thinks about this 24 hours a day, with 100% focus, and as a result we have dissected your processes and procedures into the smallest details with a focus on results as well as compliance.

No wonder we are far and away the National Leader in what we do!

We are happy to keep working away behind the scenes so that the people you support get the very best you have to offer them.

Reach out and find out how you can add Team West as a behind the scenes partner to accelerate your organizational Mission!