California User Group

Therap has arranged “California User Group” for the users of the state of California to virtually meet users from different agencies of the state to troubleshoot, network, discuss state and regional issues, and clarify and learn about the latest Therap releases. The online user group has been scheduled for June 24, 2020 at 10:00 AM (Pacific Time).

Meet the Presenters

This stimulating session will be presented by our experts from Therap Services team,

  • Brent Hesse,
  • Stan Higgins,
  • Seanette Smith,
  • Robin Forbes,
  • Mike McNeely and
  • Dawn Gilder

Grab this opportunity to raise any questions or concerns to our experts!

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Oregon User Group

Therap is pleased to invite all Oregon users to the upcoming Oregon User Group. This online user group is scheduled to be held on 20th May, 2020 at 9:30 AM (PDT). Therap experts, Stan Higgins and Seanette Lancaster, will be the hosts of this online session. 

Through this online user group, you will get to learn about the recent enhancements and modifications to Therap modules. You will also get the opportunity to address your state requirements and regulations. We always welcome your recommendations and convey them to our designated teams. Additionally, the Q&A session will be the perfect platform to bring up any queries or concerns. 

Topics of discussion may include important Therap modules such as: 

Meet the Presenters:

Stan Higgins is Therap’s Business Development Consultant at present. He has been fulfilling this role since 2018. Stan has 22 years of professional experience working in the Developmental Disabilities sector. His past professional roles include CA in Supported Living, Day Program, Independent Living, Transportation, Job Placement, Residential and Recreation services for adults as well as Executive Director for an agency in Sonoma County. 

Seanette Lancaster is currently the Senior Training & Implementation Specialist at Therap Services. In prior to joining Therap, she had acquired more than a decade of experience as a Billing Coder/Specialist. Seanette has past professional experience working in Developmental Disability Programs in the state of Oregon.  

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