Classic Sessions

Covering the bases for New and Experienced users on modules across the system.

User Presentations

Take a seat and hear from other Therap Users as they look back on implementation, share current strategies, and plan for the future.


Looking for guided instruction on how to use Therap?Sign up for our new Bootcamp sessions, in which Therap experts will walk you through a variety of topics such as Provider Admin Considerations, Data Driven Outcomes, and ISP Programs. Signups are required and open on January 19th.

Table Topics

Join fellow attendees and share your experience and knowledge in these free flowing user driven discussions on dedicated topics.


One of the best parts of being in person is meeting other Therap Users and industry professionals. We’ve added opportunities to connect with others at this year’s National Conference by creating designated times and spaces for networking.

Fast Tracks

You only need 15 minutes to learn helpful tips and tricks about Therap! In our new Fast Track sessions, Therap experts will cover common troubleshooting, new features, and hidden gems of the system.

One-on-One Meetings

Looking for a direct consultation from a Therap expert?
These 25 minute meetings allow users to meet one-on-one with our staff to take a deep dive into specific subjects. Signups are required and open on January 30th.