Recommended Model Practices

The Joint Report suggests compliance oversight model practices for states to ensure better health and safety outcomes in group homes (pg-1). Therap offers a comprehensive set of tools that can help states and providers comply with Model Practices outlined in the Joint Report including:

  • Critical Incident Reporting
  • Notification alerts of abuse/neglect/exploitation reports
  • Incident investigation and resolution
  • Business Intelligence to identify trends
  • Aggregate reporting to track trends
  • Role-based access control mechanism for states and providers
Model Practices Therap Modules
State Incident Management and Investigation
Reporting and notification
Incident review
Corrective action and implementation
Trend analysis
General Event Reports (GER)
General Event Reports Resolution
Notification Profile
Management Summary Reports
Witness Report
State Mortality Reviews
Identify cause and circumstances of beneficiary death
Where warranted, take corrective action
Identify mortality trends
Systemic responses and evaluation of their efficacy
Management Summary Reports
Event Summary Reports
Abuse & Neglect Reports
Business Intelligence – General Event Reports Dashboard
State Incident Management Audits
Assess incident reporting
Assess response and review of incidents
Assess investigations
Assess corrective actions
Assess identification and response to incident trends
Oversight functionality
Role-based access control
Notification Profile
Secure Communication
State Quality Assurance
Oversight of service planning and delivery
Periodic assessment of performance
Review network capacity and accessibility
Compliance monitoring of requirements and outcomes
Individual Service Planning
Goal and outcome tracking
Business Intelligence – Data Driven Outcomes Dashboard

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Statistics from the Joint Report

49 States

had media reports of health and
safety problems in group homes
– pg 2

34% of critical incidents

were not reported to state agencies in Maine
– pg 7

82 of the 1,361 deaths

of individuals
with developmental disabilities
in Connecticut involved suspected
abuse or neglect
– pg 1

About Therap

Therap is a web-based application suite designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the planning, documentation, reporting, communication and billing needs of organizations which support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in home and community-based services (HCBS), and other Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) settings.

Therap Services has over 15 years of experience in the industry working in all 50 States, with state governments, providers and stakeholders in the intellectual and developmental disabilities community. Therap is continually working to identify key issues facing the industry today and offers solutions accordingly at the state and provider level using its experience and knowledge of the industry. Through our work, we have developed a model to address the existing challenges regarding complying with state and federal regulations.