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Therap Product and Services

Therap Employment History module

Therap Scheduling Electronic Visit Verification

Therap Business intelligence dashboards

Learn about Therap Products and Services. See how Therap Applications work.

Therap Suite of Products & Services for

Benefits of Using Therap

  • Enhanced Risk Analysis
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Measure Health Outcomes
  • Track Outcomes and Performances
  • Person-Centered Data and Trends
  • Improved Quality of Care

Customer Support

24/7 support and training options.

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Why Attend Therap Conferences and Webinars

  • Training for All Levels of Users, from Beginners to Advanced
  • Interactive Discussions and Q&A on Therap Usage and Best Practices
  • Brainstorming About the Future Needs of the ID/DD Services Industry
  • It’s also a great opportunity for you to network with people


Therap self advocates Lori and Jenn talking about their experience with using Therap

Therap Self Advocacy team, Lori and Jennifer talks about Therap and their favorite module.

Therap Training video on TLog

Learn how to create a T-log and how it can be used.

Are you ready for New Jersey Fee for Service

Ken talks about implementing Fee For Service in New Jersey.

Meet the Therap Team

Oracle gold partner
SOC2 certification
Therap is HIPAA compliant software
5010 electronic billing
Drummond certification
Therap is HL7 Gold member