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Grayson Schemer of Corporate Counsel of VOA

Grayson Schemer,
Corporate Counsel of VOA
(Volunteers of America
Southeast, Inc.)

Jason Laws,
Therap Business Intelligence
Team Lead

Jason Laws, Therap Business Intelligence team lead

The use of Therap’s Business Intelligence Dashboard has saved the VOA Southeast Quality Department time and resources by automatically creating visually impactful reports for use at all levels of the agency, from the Board of Directors to our Human Rights Committees. Additionally, the use of DDO allows VOASE to aggregate multiple people’s goal progress across various data points for comparison with identified agency outcomes and objectives, specifically CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures, providing our agency with a fantastic tool for performance-based outcomes.

Quality service provision for individuals with disabilities requires ongoing assessment and evaluation of practice to ensure continued improvement and adherence to changing needs. Therap’s Business Intelligence tools allow organizations to put their existing data to work to better understand their impact on individuals and to make informed decisions that affect individual outcomes and distinguish organizations as quality service providers.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Aggregates data captured from direct submission of incidents
  • Summary and longitudinal analysis of adverse incidents
  • Comparison based analysis for trending of data across programs/provider
Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Provides statistical representation of outcome data for organizational assessments

  • Aggregates outcome data of individuals to track progress
  • Adaptable to track outcome data for CMS, State, Accreditation and other quality frameworks.
Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Aggregates Health Tracking data to analyze individuals’ health status and progress
  • Statistical analysis of diagnosis groups across States and counties
  • Provides summaries and longitudinal analysis of various types of health-related components
Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Aggregate agency wide billing data including authorizations, utilization, claims, and more

  • Statistical analysis of utilization trends, paid/unpaid claims, and more
  • Comparative/configurable analyses of billing related data across providers, programs, service descriptions, and demographic variables
Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Aggregates demographic data for individuals receiving services

  • Analysis of data at the program, provider, and State level
  • Allows configurable representation of data

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