Therap EVV animation overview

Are you ready for EVV?

EVV Software for the 21st Century CURES Act Mandate

All states are required to comply with EVV requirements

Section 12006 of the 21st century CURES Act mandates states
implement EVV. Therap’s EVV software is a comprehensive easy
to implement system for primary check-in and check-out

Here’s what you need to know

Open/Closed/Hybrid/Provider choice, State Choice

  • Most states have a dedicated EVV page where you can locate this information as well as updates regarding the implementation of EVV in your state
  • You can also reach out to us at as we are closely monitoring each state and changes with the evolution of this Federal Mandate and happy to assist you and educate you regarding specific steps that you need to be considering now in regard to EVV in your state
  • Keep in mind that if your state has a closed model, that means that you have to use the state identified system for capturing EVV mandated service