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Online Documentation, Reporting and Communication Software Suite for Providers Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities

Therap’s software suite is relevant to all the different kinds of service organizations that support and care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Therap is used in over 1,300 agencies at the moment, in small agencies serving as few as one individual to multi-state providers serving thousands of individuals. The modules can be categorized under Individual Support, Staff Support and Billing and Attendance Support.

Billing & Attendance

Therap’s HIPAA 5010 compliant Electronic Billing enables direct submission of Medicaid claims. By tracking non-billable and Billable Service units, users can send single or multiple professional claims and manage their claim status. Read More

Staff Support

Therap’s Training Management System (TMS) facilitates management of staff training and their certification requirements. TMS provides features to keep track of the classes you train on and allows staff to sign up for scheduled classes. Other Staff Support modules include T-Tasks and a Calendar application. Read More

Mobile Applications

We have iOS and Android mobile applications designed to allow for quick data collection. Read More

Inherent advantages of Therap:

  • Communication Effective and timely sharing of information between direct support professionals, nurses, case managers, supervisors and other agency staff, as well as between State offices and support providers
  • Automatic Notifications Automatic alerts via email/ text messaging.
  • Search Advanced data retrieval based on a wide range of parameters
  • Reports Audits and survey reports with just a few clicks
  • Compliance Management HIPAA, HITECH, ARRA compliant forms and modules. HIPAA 5010 compliant Electronic Billing

Read More

Therap’s Customer Support

Therap Customer Support assists users in troubleshooting difficulties and issues through extensive documentation and by encouraging dialogue between users and Training & Implementation Specialists. Our support team is comprised of people with a background in ID/DD services, and can communicate with you effectively about your needs and requirements. There is also a collection of interactive training tools for an easy transition to Therap. Read More