Therap’s Case Management system allows case managers to view information recorded for the individuals that they support across multiple provider agencies, while giving them the ability to document on individuals that they support within their own agencies. Through a combination of user types, profiles and caseloads pertinent to the case management system, users are able to sort the data that is relevant to them and to the individuals they support within their own agencies and beyond.

Shared plan access diagram

Therap’s Oversight accounts allow case managers and oversight users to authorize providers, define access, and securely communicate across providers to authorized users.

  • View person-centric service plans, case notes, and incident reports
  • Sort relevant data of individuals within own agency and beyond
  • Get access privileges assigned by the State

Case Management User Guides:

Case Management functionalities and modules

  • Individual Intake
  • Referral
  • Eligibility

  • Level of Care

  • Case Notes

  • Case Management Support Plan