Individual Service Program

  • Remotely collect service data
  • Verify visits using GPS location
  • Collect signatures to verify service delivery

  • Take photographs as part of documentation

  • View service data from a convenient location

The ISP Data tool on the Therap mobile app enables support professionals working in the home or community to navigate service plans of the individual they support and remotely collect service data. Program Managers or agency administrators are able to view the recorded data from their mobile devices for proof of service delivery. Photos are date and time stamped and directly uploaded to Therap. Each action taken by the user is marked with an electronic signature.

ISP (Individual Service Program) Mobile User Guides

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ISP Modules

  • Individual’s personal preferences
  • Risks – for instance, at home/employment without support with unsupervised time or seizure activity
  • Professional Services – look up contacts, add service providers
  • Action Plans – link to ISP Programs, Personal Focus Worksheets
  • Discussion records
  • Service supports – add from a service directory

ISP Program

Therap’s ISP Program module is designed to facilitate the documentation of a detailed Individual Service Plan. The ISP Program module is used to design and document teaching programs that chart the goals or training objectives. It consists of scoring details, tasks and teaching methods that track an individual’s progress towards an outcome and their specific goals. An ISP Program for an individual can include one or more tasks which can be evaluated by using various Scoring Methods including Yes/No responses, the level of independence in completing tasks, and approaches defined by users. These scores determine successful completion of tasks and the level of progress.

ISP Data

ISP Data is used to collect data for the associated ISP Programs. ISP Data Collection allows you to track progress of individuals on a regular basis. ISP Data can be collected by:

  • Entering the details of a program session
  • Specifying begin and end times or time duration of services that were provided during a session
  • Intuitive interface for recording data
  • Efficient recording of scores over a period of time

ISP Data Reports

Generate reports on the services provided to the individuals to track service delivery and progress towards goals. There are four types of reports:

Programmatic Report

  • Shows task scores and the calculated deviation from baseline for specific periods
  • Represents scores in bar graph, line graph and table formats

Clinician Report

  • Shows comments and observations recorded during sessions
  • Displays detailed information about the days and times during which training or supervision is provided

Data Collection Monthly Report

  • Provides a monthly view of data entered
  • Shows the scores selected for tasks along with staff initials

Hab Documentation Record

  • Displays documentation of programs and their tasks and scores combined
  • Shows reportable entries made by staff along with their initials

Training Academy Course on ISP Data

ISP Data : Documentation and Search

In this course trainees will learn how to document data collected for individual ISP Programs. The instructor will walk trainees through the process of acknowledgment, where to find the goals, outcomes and rationale for programs, along with other instructions for running individual programs and data collection. This includes a description of the different fields, and how to search for completed or partially completed data via ISP Data Search.

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ISP Data Reports

ISP Data Reports Overview

In this introductory course, users will receive an overview of the various reporting options that are available to be run once ISP data is collected.

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