Personal Focus Worksheet (PFW) module was built around the requirements of the Oregon Individual Support Plan to gather pertinent information about an Individual. It serves as a questionnaire where users can fill out five separate sections to record and share important information about the current state of the Individual.

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Areas of concentration in the Personal Focus Worksheet form are listed below:

  • Factors that are important to the individual including personal preferences, interests and aspirations.
  • Ongoing Events, Social Interaction, Living Arrangement, Supported Employment, Spiritual, Religious Cultural Considerations.
  • Reflections/Comments of others who know and care about the Individual on how to improve the person’s support needs.
  • Ways in which the person’s life can be enhanced through more independence, community involvement, and higher income capacity.
  • Conflict between desires and objectives for the Individual’s support needs.

To learn more about the Personal Focus Worksheet (PFW) module, visit this How-To guide.

Discussion on Personal Focus Worksheet by Therap Users

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In this video John Vogan, Residential Coordinator from the Resource Center shares his experience on using the Personal Focus Worksheet.