Therap for iOS is an app for handheld Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and devices running iOS version 9.x and up. The first module to reach this platform is the T-Log module which will enable support professionals to provide improved care to Individuals, especially those in a community setting.

Therap Mobile Applications 6.3

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The MAR tool on Therap for Apple allows users to record administrations, and view the scheduled medications in a day-view, with an ability to navigate forward or backward from the current date. The MAR tool also allows entry of administration of PRNs and other medications.

The First DataBank drug reference tool is available along with the picture to identify the drug. Users can also access an individual’s allergy records, diagnoses and contacts.

MAR Module in Therap for Apple Devices User Guides

ISP Data

ISP data feature of the Therap Mobile App comes with a built-in camera feature for the ISP data module that gives you the option to take pictures of individuals as part of documentation. This means that health professionals can document on site and stay updated even if they are away from their workstation or providing community-based support. During home visits, staff members can record service data using the ISP Data module. Users can add signatures with their finger tips or stylus pens while they remotely collect data.

Program Managers can view service data from their phones for proof of service delivery. As data is saved on Therap servers, it enables billing calculations for Medicaid reimbursement requirements or generate Program and Clinician reports. Information such as IP address of the device and/or GPS Location help establish an audit trail.

ISP Data Module in Therap for Apple Devices User Guides


With the Therap app for iOS, users can submit T-logs directly from their handheld iOS devices. The submitted T-Log message is automatically time and date stamped and is instantly available to supervisors.

T-Logs can be used to document health and behavioral concerns and to act as staff-to-staff communication. They give users the ability to collect and communicate day-to-day information and progress in a way that can be efficiently followed up on. They also allow users to communicate while retaining the confidentiality as Information can be efficiently shared and followed up on in a HIPAA compliant way.

Image Attachment
Users are able to attach pictures, taken with the phone, to their notes. The picture is automatically time and date stamped.

Password Reset

With the Therap app for iOS, Therap administrators of agencies can reset passwords of staff members from their iOS device. It is especially helpful for agencies in a distributed setting where overnight staff may forget their passwords. Therap recommends setting strong passwords of mixed case alphanumeric characters and symbols. Implementing this basic security measure helps agencies ensure that the access to their data is not compromised. The Password Reset tool on Therap app is useful for implementing agency password policies.