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Software for Developmental Disability Providers


In Texas, providers of ICF/DD, HCS and other developmental disability services are using Therap’s HIPAA compliant software solutions to handle a wide range of documentation and reporting tasks including, incident reporting, service delivery documentation, medication administration, health/nursing assessments and electronic billing.

Therap applications most used by Texas users include:

Health Care Records

Track a person’s appointments, vital signs, blood glucose, immunization, infections, seizures, respiratory treatment, lab tests, medication histories and other important medical information with Therap Health Tracking.

Medication Administration Records

Track all scheduled and PRN medications and treatment for an individual with Therap’s electronic Medication Administration Records (MAR).

Incident Reports

Document a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns, medication errors, and death with Therap General Event Records.

Nursing Reports/Assessments

Document in-depth assessment of a person’s health symptoms and history including diagnoses and conditions, active medications, pain, lab and radiology reports, utilization of medical services, aspiration risks, communications ability, visual/hearing impairments, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological signs and symptoms and much more with Therap’s Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool – eCHAT.

Service Delivery Records

Service delivery logs and detailed documentation for foster care, companion services, day habilitation and supported living services with Therap T-Logs, ISPs and Habilitation Plans.

Electronic Billing

Service authorizations, service and attendance records and Medicaid claim tracking with Therap Billing.

Quality Assurance/Management Reports

Produce management summaries, utilization reports and other reports for quality assurance.


Who can use Therap?

Therap’s web-based software solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) such as cerebral palsy, head injuries, autism, and certain learning disabilities. Therap applications are suitable providers of Home and Community-based Services (HCS), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), Supported Living and Residential Support Services, working under the supervision of Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). Therap users in Texas include members of the Providers Alliance for Community Services of Texas (PACSTX), the Private Providers Association of Texas (PPAT) and other I/DD associations.

Therap Texas Team

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