The Attendance module allows the recording of attendance for Individual’s particular service sessions with the main goal of easy and accurate entry of program attendance data. It supports a user friendly interface, updating capability, provision for approval and access checking.

  • Multiple time-in/time-out entries for multiple individuals and services per day
  • Track billable/non-billable units (present, absent, hospital, training days)
  • Robust search mechanism
  • Record, update, and approve Attendance to generate billing data
  • Use attendance data to generate statistics and other reports

Users can either look at a minimal version with attendance options only or view all the details with comments. Users have the option to track time in/out and use flags to mark present/absent. Users can also search for Attendance data using date ranges, generate Billing Data and generate attendance related reports such as Attendance Record Report, Attendance Statistics Report, and Attendance Summary.

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