HIPAA 5010 Compliant Electronic Billing

Federal compliance requirements in effect from January 1, 2012

Therap’s Electronic Billing system has been successfully upgraded to support HIPAA 5010 compliance requirements. Summary of Changes contains information to help you make a smooth transition to HIPAA 5010 Electronic Billing.

Therap’s Billing Support application has been designed to help providers track services given to individuals and the amount that is to be billed for each service.
  • Submit claims directly to Medicaid through Electronic Billing
  • Track Service Authorizations and Utilization
  • Create, Submit, and Track Professional and Institutional Claims
  • Bill from Attendance Data, ISP Data or Case Notes for Billable Service Units

The following billing modules are available in Therap:

The Service Authorization module helps maintain a list of different funding sources that are paying for the services for each individual. Users can track information such as service description, unit of measure, unit cost, and amount among others.
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The Attendance Tracking module is an ideal tool for easy day to day data collection for the billing module as well as for recording daily attendance of individuals in their corresponding programs.
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Electronic Billing assists the billing process of providers funded by Medicaid. Users can create and send professional claims for a single or multiple individuals for one or more of their service lines. Users can also view the status of their claims whether they have been paid or denied and can resubmit denied claims after making necessary corrections.
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