National Catalog

Therap National Catalog

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Released in August 2015
This catalog provides a comprehensive overview and description of Therap Applications, that are already used by people working in the intellectual and developmental disabilities industry all over USA and in Canada. The applications help agencies and states document their services and improve service related communication that will eventually help to be time efficient, to improve the quality of care, and not to mention, save costs of printing and driving paper around.

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National Conference Catalog 2016

Therap National Conference catalog 2016

Download Therap National Conference Catalog
Released in January 2016
The Therap National Conference catalog 2016 focuses on Therap’s upcoming annual national conference which will be held in Greater Portland, Pacific Northwest on 2016. Therap National Conference is the largest annual Therap event that takes place for 3 consecutive days and hosts and hosts 300-400 attendees including current and prospective users. The catalog lists the user presentations, user led sessions, special sessions, advanced provider administrative discussions and various other sessions with Therap staff members, Therap Certified Trainers as well as Therap users.

States and Counties Catalog

Therap States and Counties Catalog
Download Therap States and Counties Catalog
Released in November 2015
This catalog provides detailed information on Therap applications for states, counties and oversight users. Therap applications include many features that allow for smooth information exchange between oversight and provider agencies. The catalog highlights how oversight agencies can use Therap across their states for electronic documentation.

Billing Catalog


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Released in April 2015
Therap’s Billing solution for I/DD service providers has been developed with careful consideration to the needs of agencies of any size to automate their billing process and make sure they can efficiently:
  • Track Service Delivery
  • Provide up-to-date Utilization Results
  • Calculate Billing Units automatically from Attendance Data & ISP Service Data
  • Submit Claims Electronically & Manually
  • Retrieve Adjudicated Claim/Remittance Advice
  • Submit Void, Replacement Claims & Resubmit Corrected Denied Claims

The system provides extensive variations of units (per sessions, bundle by session, per day, per month), date-span methods, rounding algorithms, and automatic calculation of billing units from service or attendance data.

Employment History Catalog


Download Employment History Catalog
Released in August 2016
This catalog gives an overview of Therap applications designed to help documenting employment and volunteering services of Individuals. The catalog mainly focuses on the Therap’s new Employment History module with illustrative descriptions of its core features.  Provider agencies will be able to document and track all essential employment information of individuals by using these applications.

Electronic Documentation Solution for Human Service Providers

Download Human service Catalog
Released in November 2014
This catalog focuses on existing Therap Applications and modules that can be used by human service provider agencies. Therap offers many applications and modules that are an ideal solution for agencies working on Home Health, Supported Living, Children services, Vocational programs etc. Users can avail Therap’s secure documentation & communication services using mobile devices, tablets or laptops.

Quality Assurance Tools

Download Quality Assurance Catalog
Released in September 2014
This Catalog focuses on how Therap can help provider agencies to meet the highest quality in their documentation. It highlights some of the features that are designed to meet State & Federal standards, licensing surveys, external audits, certification requirements and more. Therap provides a set of modules structured to facilitate support planning, data collection, and tracking progress of individuals In a HIPAA compliant manner.

Community-Based Service Providers’ Catalog

Download Community Catalog
Released in August 2014
This catalog focuses on Therap Applications for Community-Based Service Providers. When services are provided to people working with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the community, there is a need for applications that can be accessed anywhere. Apart from being usable from tablets like iPad and Xoom, Therap provides an Android app that combines ISP Data and MAR while taking advantage of device capabilities such as the camera and location tracking. The applications help providers document their services, verify visits, improve service utilization, track billing, and improve service related communication.