Therap Electronic Health Records allow users to efficiently track different types of health data and create reports for Individuals. It provides flexible ways to record and follow up on Health Records such as:

Medication Administration Records (MAR)

Therap’s Medication Administration Record (MAR) module is a medication management system that creates complete schedule for individuals’ medication administration and treatment(s) using medication details entered on the Medication History form of the Electronic Health Records. The MAR module allows users to track Scheduled, Administered and PRN Medications, view due and overdue medication lists, generate monthly administered reports and receive real-time notifications on their cell phone, email or pager.

The Medication History and MAR modules interface with First DataBank – one of the world’s most comprehensive and trusted drug knowledge bases. This provides easy access to relevant drug information including drug image, drug identification, dosage information, precautions, side effects, and many more.

Therap’s Electronic Health Records provides users the option to generate monthly and detailed health tracking reports.  The Monthly Report module allows users to generate an overall monthly report on individual’s Health Data over a certain period of time.  The Detailed Report module provides users the option to view and create detailed report on all health related information of an individual such as diagnosis, medication history, immunization, vital signs, summary of general event reports etc.

Therap’s Health Care Report module generates reports on individual’s health records for given time ranges, with summaries from an Individual’s approved data across different Therap modules.

These may include information extracted from all health tracking forms, along with key information such as allergies, dietary guidelines, and the medical diagnoses. Once a report is generated, users can save the report within the system. Comments may also be added to this report by any user having appropriate privileges to the individual.