Health Plus Module

Health plus is a powerful tool to assist Nurses, Clinicians, and medical professionals to organize all the information they receive from the direct care workforce and organize it into comprehensive medical tracking, care, and support plans. Therap’s Health Plus module allows users to efficiently track different types of health data and create detailed and monthly reports. It offers a flexible way to record and follow up on medical issues using tools including Individual Care Plan, eCHAT, Medical History and more for each individual in a HIPAA compliant manner.

  • Tailored Care Plan for each Individual
  • Nurse Approved Standard Care Plan Templates
  • Online assessment of an individual’s health symptoms and history through eCHAT
  • Record historical information for individuals supported
  • Record, view, and print various Consent forms

Health Plus User Guides

Care Plan Module

The Care Plan module provides a platform for documentation of standard Care Plans for individuals. As care requirements and planning are Individual specific, this module allows agencies to create care plans for each individual separately. Furthermore, users are able to upload Care Plans to the Global Template Library and import Approved Care Plans created by users of other agencies.

Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT)

The Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT) is an in-depth health evaluation of an individual. It is a simple, easy to understand online assessment of an individual’s health symptoms and history. It also calculates the overall acuity level and publishes a summary with recommendations for where care plans may be required.


The Order module allows users to place orders for individuals’ various requirements including medical equipments, diagnoses tests, medical supplies, nursing orders, nutrition, and food services.

Individual History

The Individual History module enables users to access and record historical information for individuals they support. Users can keep track of complaints, history of illnesses, reviews, status etc. while accessing necessary medical information from one form.

Health Passport

Agencies can create Health Passports that provides a summary of individual specific emergency details which include Personal Profile, Contact Information, Medication History, Functional Information, Consent Information and Diagnosis among others.

The Health Passport is a report that can be generated using the individual’s information primarily from the Individual Data page, the Consultation Form and the Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT) modules.

C32 Document

HITSP C32 Documents using HL7 CCD component (V2.5) can be filed and displayed from Therap using the Health Information Exchange section on the Individual Data form. Provider Administrators or Users with the Individual Administrative role will be able to access this particular section on the Individual Data form. This provides the ability to file and display Individual’s summary documents formatted to the HITSP C32 Summary Documents using HL7 CCD specification.

Consent Forms

The Consent and Authorization module allows users to record, view, and print various Consent forms of the individuals. Administrators can define Consent Types and upload Consent Templates for the agency.

Recorded Webinars

The Comprehensive Health Assessment
and Individual Care Plans

The Comprehensive Health Assessment and Individual Care Plans