Medication Administration Records

Medical Administration Records (MAR) module provides users with a tool to effectively and easily track medications administered to an Individual. With MAR, users can schedule and add comments to medications and treatment records, and export MAR reports with current medications and treatments on a monthly grid.

MAR Overview

  • Track all Scheduled & PRN Medications, Treatments
  • View Due and Overdue Medication Lists
  • Get Monthly Administration Reports
  • Receive Real-Time Notifications

Reference Data for Reducing Medication Errors

  • Allergies

Known allergies are listed for quick checks.

  • Medical Contacts

List of physician contacts, hospitals for reference or emergencies.

  • Medical Diagnosis

Current diagnosis of an Individual.

  • Dietary

Guidelines regarding an Individual’s diet.

  • Drug Database

Details of each medication from First DataBank are available for cross reference.

Medication Administration Records Training Academy Course

Recording Data in the MAR Oveview

Learn how to document medication passes within the MAR, including PRN meds, missed or refused entries, filtering medications by time or type, bulk entries, and checking the MAR for due or overdue medications.
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MAR User Guides