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Meet Kevin Dierks

Phone: 808-261-0607

Kevin Dierks

Therap Regional Director- Pacific Rim

Started at Therap in 2009
Started in the field in 1990
BA Psychology 1992
MA Psychology 2002

Kevin Dierks joined Therap’s Business Team in 2009, he has worked supporting people with developmental disabilities and the communities and systems since 1990.

Kevin has worked with some of the largest and some of the smallest non-profit organizations in Hawaii as well as in State government with leadership roles in both the Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Division, and the University of Hawaii/ Center on Disability Studies. His experience has taken him from the front lines of program delivery to program management and systems change. He has been involved in National, Federal, State and community level public research and initiatives involving public health, disability, technology, and human services.

Kevin obtained an M.A. in Community Psychology in 2002 and is a graduate of the select leadership development and training program The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities, as well as a graduate of the Disability and Diversity Certificate program at the University of Hawaii. He is also Certified Professional Coach since 2005 and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

He values diversity in all its many manifestations, and thrives on opportunities for personal growth and change. He celebrates the individual and our many roles and cherishes the unique communities that allow all individuals to excel. He believes the systems that we have to support people with developmental disabilities are good, and that there is infinite potential to make them better. He is committed to being a part of this change.