Therap Overview

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Therap provides a solution to your documentation needs

You need to complete …

Therap provides …

  • Incident Reports, Med Errors, Event Reports
  • Daily Shift Notes, Communication Logs, Contact Notes
  • Vital Signs, Height/Weight, BM Charts, Seizure Records, Blood Glucose, Skin/Wound Assessments, Medical Appointments & more
  • An electronic MAR with industry-standard Drug Database, due/overdue filters, electronic transcription of meds/treatments & comprehensive MAR Report features
  • Goal Tracking and Service Logs, Allowable Services, Valued Outcomes & ADL Supports, Employment Supports and Outcome Tracking
  • Individual Face Sheets, Emergency Fact Sheet,
    To-Go Forms
  • Tracking of Finances, Expenses, Deposits & Receipts
  • Billing units from Service Logs or Attendance Logs, Submitting Claims to Medicaid
  • Tracking of Training Classes, Staff Certificates
  • Quality Assurance, Auditing & Licensing Reports
  • Storage for external documents such as Advanced Directives, Consents and Authorizations
  • Employment History, Assessments and Detailed Job Descriptions