Product Development Manager

Therap Services, the national leader in online electronic health records and documentation for people with developmental disabilities is seeking an individual to fill the position of Product Development Manager. Our ideal candidate is familiar with the Therap Services system and has computer software programming experience. The applicant should be interested in a challenging position that combines teaching, support, consulting, computer skills, and traveling.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Attend onsite meetings with customers to gather requirements and analyze complexity and feasibility of the implementation
  • Participate in weekly development calls with the Chief Operating Officer, Development Team Leads, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Director of Product Development and QA
  • Analyze customer requirements and identify customer’s problem scenarios
  • Write user stories and discuss with the Deputy Director of Product development and QA to develop solutions for both new and existing products
  • Collaborate with the Development/Implementation team throughout the development process and release cycle for design improvements
  • Work as an expert in analyzing and debugging critical issues and features
  • Document each aspect of a system or application as a reference for future upgrades and maintenance
  • Revisit the development process to fix bugs or address client or consumer concerns
  • Keep track of features, bug fixes and communicate with clients as needed
  • Maintain product development backlog<