Online Documentation, Reporting and Communication Software Suite for Providers Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities

Therap’s software suite is relevant to service organizations that provide long term supports and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Therap is used in over 4000 agencies, in small agencies serving as few as one individual to multi-state providers serving thousands of individuals. Therap modules encompass a wide array of supports for both individuals and staff members and also include billing supports.

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Therap Modules

Allows users to track different categories of health data and create detailed or monthly reports.

MAR Plus

Medication Administration Records (MAR) module provides users with a tool to track medications administered to an individual. With MAR, users can schedule and add comments to medication and treatment records, and export MAR reports with current medications and treatments on a monthly grid.

  • Track all Scheduled & PRN Medications, Treatments
  • View Due and Overdue Medication Lists
  • Get Monthly Administration Reports

Electronic Health Records – EHR

Therap Electronic Health Record

Therap Electronic Health Records allow users to efficiently track different types of health data and create reports for Individuals. It provides flexible ways to record and follow up on Health Records such as:


Therap Electronic Billing

The Electronic Billing service assists providers funded by Medicaid in creating and sending professional claims for a single or multiple individuals and for one or more of their service lines.

Case Notes

  • Record the details of meetings
  • Attach related documents
  • Generate billing from case note

Personal Finance

  • Track Financial Transactions
  • Enter Deposits to an Account
  • Track Expenses & Receipts

Employment Services and Supports

Document Employment Services & Supports in Real Time

  • from any device, as services are provided
  • in any location – in the community, at the worksite or at a program setting

Module Features:

  • Employment/Volunteer History
  • Employment Referral
  • Assessment
  • Employment Milestones/Phases

Therap Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Therap is available on Android and iOS devices as a single app combining a collection of tools that will enable support professionals to provide better care to Individuals, especially those in a community setting.

  • T Log
  • MAR
  • Mobile ISP Data
  • Password Reset

App Features:

  • GPS Location Recording
  • Time/Date Stamped Photos
  • Secure, Instant Sharing
  • Electronic Signature

Inherent advantages of Therap:

  • Effective Communication and timely sharing of information between direct support professionals, nurses, case managers, supervisors and other agency staff, as well as between State offices and support providers

  • Automatic Notifications and Alerts via email/ text messaging

  • Search Advanced data retrieval based on a wide range of parameters

  • Audits and survey reports

  • ARRA compliant forms and modules, HIPAA 5010 compliant
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